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that fine, but why you kept posting.... just get out no ? and move on ..... idk...

try to do 1 serious post....

Because this is a forum. Where people discuss different topics. Discuss, not having a dialogue. That means that you will meet people who's opinions disagrees with yours. And your topic is one of the more controversial ones. So meeting critique is something you should have been prepared for.

You don't simply get to write a topic and only get yay-sayers commenting on it. Because then there isn't a discussion.

sorry but this is the SUGESSESTION AND FEED BACK I was not looking for any arguing from super close minded player who don't like their char to be sexy. it was not really open to discussion , you say hey I like tha idea hey I dont like it m and you move on................ it was a SUGESSESTION no a discussion

you don't start a argument that is totaly irrevenant about this not been REAL or PRATICAL, in a fucking fantasy world ...........................

YES I DO! At first I tried to be respectful and modest in my feedback because I believe everyone has a right to voice their opinion, but the more you post the more I want to scream in your face that your topic is basically asking Larian to turn their next game into yet another medium where it's allowed to sexually objectify humanoid characters, especially females, when that's something modern society is trying to get rid of. And for a good reason. So who is being close minded and can't keep up with the times?

A game can be rated mature and even contain sex scenes where so is appropriate without having to entertain immature teenagers sex fantasies throughout the whole game. but don't worry, from now on I will leave your thread alone.