Thinking about it, is there any way to actually portray a path that involves having a parasite in your brain as a sane path, evil or otherwise? I feel like unless they have it come out that the Absolute is either a new deity or an established one playing a game that they really can't make that path all that appealing. The Mind Flayers aren't exactly an inclusive people so it's unlikely that keeping the tadpole would ever work out well for you. People make pacts with demons and ancient ones sure but typically those people have an overriding lust for power, are insane/damaged; or believe that they're smart and/or cunning enough to break the deal, keep the power and not get obliterated in the process. The tadpole doesn't offer that kind of an opportunity since once its gone so are the powers and said powers are tied to the Mind Flayers which would be a constant issue. Topping it off the tadpoles powers are just more or less hive mind connections. While an evil path doesn't have to have immediate gains, there needs to be some solid promise of future power and with the cult all you really get promised is a knife to the back or turning into a Mind Flayer at some inevitable point.

Regarding the ai being slow during big fights, that can be really annoying. It was funny watching Kagha shockwave her own druids repeatedly during that battle though, and they were healing her.