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@Svalr: I didn't say there was a problem with wanting to play a non-evil drow. I was just pointing out that non-evil drow are extremely rare and that there is no problem with the race being almost entirely evil in this fantasy world. I say that because this is not the first time that I have heard crap about Wizards softening the drow to be less evil because, ALLEGEDLY, they don't want the dark skinned race to be the bad guys. I don't know if that is true but I certainly hope it is not. I really grow tired of attempts to make fantasy worlds reflect the modern real world.

Eh, I don't feel anyway about it tbh. Like, Wizards being "having a dark skinned race inherently evil kinda cringe now that we think about it...given, you know..." is kind of understandable enough to not bother me too much. Things change.

Yeah, I also find it to be a bizarre thing to be upset about.

Just so you know, I'm not upset about it. That said, I don't like changing a well established fantasy world to reflect some facet of current day real life. In FR, typical drow are incredibly racist. Dwarves are pretty racist too but not quite as bad as drow. There's no need to change that because the prevailing thought in modern day real life is that there is nothing worse than being racist. FR is a fantasy world and it's supposed to be a place/idea where you can go to escape real life for awhile.

What I am trying to say is it's ok if things are acceptable in fantasy worlds that are not acceptable in real life.

Cultures are capable of shifting, both in the real world and in the context of a fantasy setting. There's no reason to believe that after hundreds of years of Lolth's infighting, no drow have had more than enough. Of course some have started building pockets of civilization that better suits their goals. It's written in the lore specifically that the infighting is designed to keep drow subservient, that Lolth doesn't trust men because of gods like Vhaeraun that preach equality, etc. I mean, Vhaeraun is also racist as fuck but there are drow gods like Eilistraee that are welcome among the Seladrine. Shit's been in the game since the 90s. These things already exist in some form, and if there's an outside motivation to shift things to something more gray, the argument shouldn't be "but this is how it's always been done!!"