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I played Solasta, didn't have fun. Even then, people have demonstrated that Solasta isn't even 1:1 in 5e implementation. What they have done is make a very old school interface that has all the things some of the gamers here miss from older games. The thing is, at 40 years old, I am an old gamer as well. But I didn't want the large and pointlessly empty town or needless overhead map random travel messages/events, or generic "we meet in a bar" quest start, that some feel is more "grounded" but I felt as trite and over used.

I have 154 hrs in bg3, having tons of fun. By calling the game DOS:3 as a form of insult you are being malicious and disingenuous in feedback.

"It has to be 5e, but it's ok if you change the things in 5e that "I" don't like, but don't change the other things. It is ok to have a Larian flavor, but don't add anything that I can recognize as Larian, cause that taints the sanctity of BG as I remember it."

This ambiguous and inconsistent complaint sums it down to it's not the way "I remember BG to be". Which is true, this is a new BG, with a new developer, with a new ruleset, and a new engine, and a new story 100 years after the previous game.

Don't get me wrong, there are broken things in BG3 that need fixing and balancing. Some more looks at the actions/bonus action economy and skills. Core rules that are inconsistent with the tooltip or intended effect like offhand stat modifiers or damage application from skills applying when they shouldn't. The flavor things like surfaces and barrels that "break immersion" for some, come across as looking for reasons to not like the game and to attempt to devalue the game by refusing to call it Baldur's Gate.

This is mostly loyal fans feeling betrayed, and there is no helping emotions sometimes. It can be irrational and inconsistent between the person. The best Larian can do is be consistent with their development and clear in communication. Always adapting to negative feedback will lead to split goals which detract from the overall production. Ignoring feedback leads to discontent customers. I am fine with more adherence to the 5e rules, but I am not offended by variations and changes to the rules to make sense and better fit into the environment Larian has made. We should be heard, but we shouldn't expect to be pandered to.

You are clearly biased and not accurately representing the feedback given regarding Solasta.

Have people praised the GUI? I mean, sort of. Definitely a more well implemented interface for mechanics, but that is very small amount of the praise.

The reason Solasta is getting praise is because they started from the base rules of 5e and then adjusted where needed to implement a computer controlled DM rather than a Human DM. A few small tweaks as well that are being discussed (Disadvantage from attacking into Dim Light which is not 5e).

I'm not calling the game DoS 3 as an insult. I'm doing it as an accurate point of discussion, because the game *does* feel like DoS 3. Here are 73 examples -> https://forums.larian.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=720570#Post720570

Feel free to make a list of factors that make the game feel like a BG game.

You are also trying to undercut properly made criticisms. To paraphrase another poster:
We love onions, we've loved them since we first tried them 20 years ago
Larian told us they were going to sell us an onion
Larian marketed us an onion
Larian gave us a tomato
We like tomatos, but were promised onions
Give us the onions you told us you were going to sell

This isn't an emotional response. It's a rational response for the community that has supported the BG series to the point it is still so popular 20+ years after release that it is not getting what was promised. To use your own words, you are only okay with the rules changes that make since to you. Larian has taken and is taking advantage of the efforts of a community spanning two decades and actively marketing the game as an onion. So give us the onion.