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Ty @Orbax. I feel bad for always being confrontational on these forums against the negative feedback. I am just afraid there is too much bandwagoning happening and people feel like they are trying to review bomb the game out of spite. I have to be careful to not mindlessly white knight this and be a hypocrite by blindly swearing the game is perfect.

There is really valid feedback once you get past all the emotions though. I want to help clear the emotional outbursts and get to real changes and feedback that can be applied more so than just having people saying DoS:3, go play Solasta.

Not really my job, but I liked what I have seen so much I feel obligated to voice some opposition so it isn't drowned out by a single narrative. This way others that are undecided or those with similar opinions don't' feel invalidated or bullied into thinking they shouldn't like this game.

It's like the emperor's new clothes. Everyone knew he didn't have clothes, but no one wanted to say anything. Once someone did, everyone felt ok to express what they have been thinking. This happens in real life all the time with people thinking "they" are wrong, because there is only one opinion being discussed and it turns into a one sided conversation.

CMF, I agree with your positioning in regard of this subject even though I do not share the very same joy by playing the game as it is. I’m not asking you to accept the criticism directed toward Larian but I’d you like to pretend that you’ve played the game for 120 hours and you’ve reached the conclusion that the game is bad. Wouldn’t it feel different if you compare with your current state? Personal taste is a very unique thing and people have many shades of how expressing their feelings smile

I like to be pragmatic but this subject touches a very emotional part of me.

Well, my statement for the game once I’ve finished it is that the game is cheap.
I appreciate fine arts and that wasn’t a piece of art in my humble opinion. The game adds to much uncoordinated content. You can clearly see that they were worried not to give content enough as if the quantity was the key buying factor for a good game.

Well, other than that, I was expecting Larian to be like CD projekt and be a disruptive company once again. Getting their golden egg to another level.
Being fearless of breaking the paradigm of their only success and move on.

We can both discuss about Solasta & BG3, but in the end that wouldn’t be a fair comparison to begin with. We’re talking about different budgets & different backgrounds. Yet, keep that in mind that the ones that should prove a point is Larian.