The feedback should be aggressive. There is A LOT of divinity in this game, and we were promised a faithful D&D experience under the baldurs gate name. Instead we got divinity 3 with d20 skill checks. Overpowered consumables and inventory manipulation to cheese fights (aka barrelmancy) is a clear sign that they are extremely off the mark. If they truly were faithful to the source material things like this would not be remotely possible. Even the music feels like its ripped right out of divinity and doesn't remotely sound like anything similar to the old baldurs gate soundtracks. Every time i hear music in the game i just get filled with sadness because its a constant reminder this isn't actually a D&D game. Thus far a lot of the promises have not been delivered, and i am going to continue pointing that out until it is corrected. If a game as bad as no mans sky can have a turn around, this game certainly can, so i am going to stay cautiously hopeful up until release. People should ALWAYS question and criticize developers until promises have been delivered.

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