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Orbax, don't press your luck. That was just being mean smile Funny, but mean.

I think we made our standing point very clear and even though I feel it's fair to criticize something, this is starting to turn into bullying. And that's not ok.

I pretty much started edging away when I saw this thread as a Sphere of Annihilation preparing to spiral out of control and consume any that tried to direct it. That said, yes, not cool to let difference of opinions turn into an all out fight - interwebs or no. It is just a game. I, personally mind you, have no problem with or without skimpy/revealing armors, but I also like variety of armor types. From traditional plate armored warriors to sorcerers or sorceress wearing revealing robes or the bizarre! I think fantasy has a place for whatever you want, because it isn't constrained to physics as we know it. Magic makes anything possible. The only point I was trying to make with my posts in this thread is let people make the characters they want and not expect personal preferences determine how someone should be armored or wear.

I do, however, wish armors look better than just patch jobs. I get at low level everyone is assumed to being dirt poor just starting out, but if you have the Noble background why would you look like someone armored/clothed with the Urchin background? Really the only armor I am cringing at right now is Leather Armor. It looks very boring aesthetically speaking. Not saying it shouldn't look fairly common, but all the other classes start with some decent starting gear visual wise.