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For sure, you guys are entitled to a negative opinion. Nothing should be globally accepted without dissenting opinions.

Aggressive feedback is good, but hateful feedback is non-constructive. (not that you two specifically had hateful feedback, just saying that as an example)

Subjective things like music is hard to nail down though because what you equate to Larian-esque could be considered tone setting and wonderful by others. Hence people have different taste in music as well as art and style.

Simply put, this game isn't for everyone. I don't think it is fair to trash the game though. We should be able to acknowledging the things done well while accepting it was for a different demographic. I don't like country music, but I can appreciate when someone is a good singer. I won't listen to their music, but I know they have a powerful or moving voice.

Pointing out flaws is not "trashing the game." Flaws should always be pointed out regardless of peoples feelings or views. People can have an opinion, but as soon as it opposes a fact they are just wrong. Larian hasn't lived up to all their promises, and that is a documented fact because there are many quotes and claims out there that have yet to be fulfilled. That is the basic truth of it and they should be brought to task.

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