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Also, Lae'Zel's armor could technically be said to be somewhat skimpy bottom down.

Githyanki armour seems to be quite heavily influenced by classical Greek themes (AFAICT, not being an expert in the subject; but a D&D-playing friend over the road is so I could ask her...) rather than sexiness. More clothing options would be nice, though. And more shoes, of course.

One thing I'd like to see in much more general terms is TES-style inventories where you can loot all the equipment an NPC is wearing rather than just a random junk selection, though I guess it might imbalance the game's economy. And encourage the murder of NPCs to acquire nicer clothes...

I don't disagree with you, that's why I said skimpy and not sexy tho.
I don't think that the datamined Nightsong outfit in that thread is sexy either, it just looks ceremonial/ tribal to me.
As you're implying skimpy ‚Ȇ sexy, it's contextual.
And our perception and opinion of what sexy entails will differ too.

Altho I think that some sexy outfits adds RP value too, it's a form of expression that is fun.
But skimpy entails things that are revealing just in general, I mean I think that it becomes a bit silly when some people make arguments that a shirt or robes that are a bit unbuttoned or show some legs is suddenly '' unrealistic '' but then they're fine with Lae'Zel's armor ( which is supposed to be actual melee armor too ).
And there's also some level of double-standard where people just look the other way or don't even acknowledge male characters with their shirts off.

Hehe, murdering NPC's for clothes sounds like something my character would do wink .

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Ok let me clarify...

Not Skyrim-skimpy ūüėõ

Thanks for some form of clarification albeit vague still but I can't blame you lol.
I get that it's not like you can post screenshots or anything.
I haven't read through this thread in all honesty because discussions surrounding this tends to give me a headache from both sides, it just tends to devolve into bad faith arguments etc.
I was trying to avoid it, it just tends to make me mad.

Just understand that there are people too who don't necessarily want to see all of the gear in the game like robes etc be covering from the neck down.
I think most people want some form of variety for both male and female characters, not everyone wants to RP Gandalf xD.
I actually do like gear designs like in Tera and BDO, but I understand that it's not how it is in Baldur's Gate and that's not what I am asking for.
It's just that when I hear a mod say '' no skimpy outfits '' what I think of isn't exactly the most extreme Skyrim mods lol.

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Orbax, don't press your luck. That was just being mean smile Funny, but mean.

I think we made our standing point very clear and even though I feel it's fair to criticize something, this is starting to turn into bullying. And that's not ok.

I do, however, wish armors look better than just patch jobs. I get at low level everyone is assumed to being dirt poor just starting out, but if you have the Noble background why would you look like someone armored/clothed with the Urchin background?

This is a good point too and just reinforces what I am saying too.
It's a RPG, let us RP.
Not everyone is just playing as '' Vault Dweller '' who's a typical Knight or Gandalf the Wizard.
More diverse attire and gear allows for people to RP as the character of their chosing better, I don't think that it should all be designed for just a single archetype.

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