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"Can you argue that game is missing a nostalgic feel because it doesn't adhere to 5e rules or previous BG games as you'd like? yes."
BG 1-2 didnt use 5e they used an older system. I started playing BG about two months after the BG3 anouncement. So I dont have nostalgic lenses. What I did read and watch in interviews that I provided in 5 minutes of google. Not the only ones mind you. Is that this game was pushing 5e with Wizards backing them up. They also expressed they had to ask Wizards for rules changes for a specific class.

"Can you discuss balance issues? Definitely, it's early access and of course the game won't be perfect right away."
My friend we are going to talk about more than BALANCE ISSUES no we are going to try to change current sytems entirely. Like we did with GROUP initiative 3 months ago. And all the recorded and paid for Dialogue in past tense was changed entirely from scratch due to our feedback. Knowing that we are going to push for a lot of other drastic changes. That just like those two things will benefit everyone in the long run.

"Are other players allowed to like the changes? yes"
Oh yea... but the majority of players probably do not understand why you cannot just lower ac and bloat hp in the long run. There are more DND Players than PLAYTESTERS we are here for one job TO PLAYTEST it is what we love to do. The math is completely off yet NOT FOR THE PLAYER. This would never make it to print as is in tabletop. But it takes a very vocal minorty with experience in this field. If you dont have an understanding of the base systems and how they ripple into others when changes have been made. Well than your point will always be wrong from a mathematical standpoint. Opinion is great but when dealing with Math based mechanics you can largely be WRONG.

We like the game as is. But the game is on the verge of being more than good. This game is so so so damn close to Being ONE OF THE GREATS! We believe in it... dont think we are against it. Most of us want it to succeed it just need help. Sometimes its hard to show your game master that he is running poorly... most would say its his game let him run it like that. But I always prefer to help new gamemasters to a system cause I know everyone has potential to run the mechanics in a fun and interesting way that wont punish the players.

Just look at all the skills NOT BEING USED... AT ALL outside of a social check. This game master only knows how to run Attack and AC and Saves... there are skills that work in and out of combat and during downtime. Arcana is not just for discussion. Nature is not just for discussion. Medicine? Insight? Why is getting a feel of a character mood only work on scripted events? Why is there no system built into social behavior like is standard for rpg's? Right now we have AGGRESSIVE KILL and I LIKE YOU PEACE. What about Neutral, Hostile, cautious, friendly, and helpful? These things dont exist in the game. So social skills to improve their mood are moot ATM.

I belive things will improve... I love Larian but lets not settle for less thats not even what they want. They said LETS make this the best RPG EVER TOGETHER!!!

All totally fair and respectable points and I agree. I have been the opposition to strict 5e adherence on the forums lately because it felt like there was a one sided conversation going on as a sort of echo chamber here, but as long as your mentality is spread I think it is totally productive and good critical feedback.