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One thing I'd like to see in much more general terms is TES-style inventories where you can loot all the equipment an NPC is wearing rather than just a random junk selection, though I guess it might imbalance the game's economy. And encourage the murder of NPCs to acquire nicer clothes...

That would be more realistic. I guess it would make sense for a dwarf not to be able to equip elven armor. All items carried should be in the NPCs inventory but not necessarily one size fits all. I know, people would complain that the cool armor they found does not fit them.
Oblivion was horrible when it came to armors. At some point ebony armor suites costing as much as a house were standard equipment for poor bandids lurking in some dirty ruins hoping to steal cheese from travellers.

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I sometimes use thought experiments. I don't necessarily believe in every idea I post for discussion on this forum