Yeah I had a thread called minthara and the nature of evil that went over this and someone used the word "psychotic" for evil path. Pretty spot on.

Random note on the plot too is of you read the notes on the table where you first met kagha and read the harper notes from the sea cove below astarion meeting spot, you combine the absolute illithid ring with a rogue selunite sect that has apparently been involved and helping the shadow druids sicken the land. The good druids tried to cleanse the trees and the darkness leaps back at them when it's attacked.

The moonrise towers seem to have an absolute crap storm around them. You, knowing none of this, want to get to a huge city and get cured. The only thing is after doing tons of good stuff you'd get enough info to know that moonrise probably has more answers than BG.

if you did evil stuff, you wouldn't know, and would want to go to bg. Now that you are good, and know the details, you could decide to swap sides and use the power - but think of how strong the allure of evil & absolute would have to be. Plus you're sticking it in a hornets nest by being down with illithid, shadow druid, and rogue selune. I get the feeling the dark justiciars of the underdark aren't not related to this.

Why, God why, would even an evil person who lived this stuff, rationally make the choice that this is your best bet to survive in the long term

Wrote that on my phone, probably tons of errors

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