I agree with Azarielle. I think Kagha is an interesting, multilayered and well written character. When you first met her you might think she's a Disney villain but if you try to learn more about her motivations you get the picture little by little.
She's fallible, conflicted, credible. I like her character a lot.
My feelings about her have evolved continually through my game, from hate (first meeting with arabella), curiosity (when you deceal some cracks in her), disdain (when you find those notes about the shadows druids) to pity (when you redeem her, talk with her and understand she has been manipulated).

I think she is rather overprotective than purely xenophobic.
What is sure is that she is weak, easily manipulated, despite her stong-willed apparence.

PS: sorry for the mistakes, english is not my first langage smile

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