anthea's right. plus there's just 2 much emphasis on multiplayer portions for most games that single player ends up being just a training ground for multiplayer.

Well, fine! But having started their universe with a (successful) single-player, thus coming from that angle, and having had enough time (and still having left more till DD2) to brainstorm `bout that matter, i trust Larian to keep a good balance here and satisfy both factions - MP Pros and Cons!

elgi's right as well, if i want quality time with friends, we'll get drunk together & jam the nite away & as far away from a PC as possible. there's life after computer, u know.

Well, fine for you both, again!
But that by far does not constitute anything like a `common standard´ or similar.
So, just go ahead making your choices - but let others make their own just the same. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/suspicion.gif" alt="" />
I´m sure a lot of other people wouldn´t rank "drinking one´s brains away", and might it even be in company, far behind "playing computer games", multiplayer or singleplayer regardless, on a scale of `senselessness´.

i'd like my riftrunner single player please.

... and as far as me is concerned, no prob at all even for DD2. Just single-player only, that´ll be not in for you in that one then.