Im sure a lot of other people wouldnt rank "drinking ones brains away", and might it even be in company, far behind "playing computer games", multiplayer or singleplayer regardless, on a scale of `senselessness.

And I am sure that you might have got the glimpse of irony in those words - I can generalize it for you if you want: In my opinion, and I am here to state my opinion and not to state others', if I want to do something with other people, I don't like to do that at the PC but without it. This might be sitting together and drinking tea/juice/wine/beer... this might be playing soccer/tennis/basketball/... this might be going to the cinema/theatre/opera... this might be having conversation/sex/nothing... just anything but not playing computer games.

And talking about 'common standards': I would have thought that you are the last person who cares about such a common standard if it's objectively not good for the main game part which can only be the singleplayer part unless you want to have one of those incredibly great MMORPGs! And that is the assumption if people like me don't want a multiplayer-part: If one has to give up the tiniest bit of the singleplayer-part in order to implement a multiplayer-part, then rather only SP! If one can implement both SP and MP parts without any negative effect on the mentioned main game part, well, then feel free... I wouldn't mind it. So, this discussion is only a hypothetical one and being that so I still stick to my opinion.

Nigel Powers: "There are only two things I can't stand in this world. People who are intolerant of other people's cultures... and the Dutch!"