Hi There
I have the following setup:

Intel Core i7-9700K, 3,6 Gig, 8-Core

GeForce RTX 2070

16 Gig

While this is not high-end hardware its still pretty good and works with all games perfectly, even with the highest graphic settings. When it comes to BG3 however, I recognized the following (of course I closed all other CPU related programs at the time):

- CPU usage is alwys about 80-95%
- Especially when rotating / moving the camera, CPU usage can go up to 100%. Game can become stuttering.
- Graphical settings do not seem to have any impact. I lowered resolution, model and texture details, but the CPU usage remains high
- Using Direct X instead of Vulcan DOES have an impact. Direct X reduces CPU usage, but it still stays quite high

I tested mainly in the druid grove.
Is this a known problem, is this by design or is my hardware just too bad (don't think so)?