don't suck nobody's balls but elgi's right again. ragon u're right on senseless drinking. & like u said different people have different ways of enjoyment. true as well. but the subject remains to be multiplayer which i don't have much love for.

while it's nice to have a multiplayer component, i just hate it if developers have too much emphasis that singleplayer ends up being afterthought. that happens to way too many games right now & naming them won't do any help.

just like elgi, i hope Larian can balance well these 2 components (single & multi player) so gamers of opposite (& all) spectrum can enjoy.

good thing we have this forum to talk things out & may Larian WOW us again with another award winning game.

btw, Lar has confirmed in adrenaline vault that DD2 has multiplayer component. so rejoice, mage ragon.

......a gift from LaFille......