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One thing to ask is why a woman would choose to wear a sexy outfit into battle. I mean, not every woman IRL wears revealing clothing, and even those that do do not wear revealing clothing all the time. So if this were done, I'd like it to be built into the characters somehow.

So for example, maybe it's a female warrior who likes using the distraction/arousal of male combatants to her advantage in combat? Maybe they're a rogue who uses their body as a means of persuasion to hang guys out high and dry? Maybe they're an icy mage who dresses scantily because they like the attention - but also love to crush the ego of men who dare to make a pass at her?

What I wouldn't want to see is a character who seemed more or less totally oblivious to her own state of dress.

stop talking about real life !!!!!!!!!!! get on the subject, this is a a high fantasy GAME RATED M for MATURE. wtih full sex scene , go play maplestory 2 if you want a sex free game

99% of all male gamer play female char.

Like you said. rated M for mature, not R for rediculous.
Also, have you checked the community update where they showed a mashup of all characters players have created? Its a MALE human. seems to me that a lot less than 99% of male players play female characters.

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