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7) Given the current state of easy resting making spells easier to use and hp bloat, the suped up cantrips kind of work in this state of the game. I personally like that they stand out more from each with the different effects. I like the surface gameplay as well. Making the enemy wade through fire to get to me. Being splashed by poisonous spider blood and having that "oh sh!t" moment. Dropping a hanging brazier on a goblin is fun.

11)I appreciate the QoL improvements. Don't need to make an already long game longer with walking back n forth between empty places

7) is a must fix. The surface warfare is the main culprit that makes this game not feel like a DnD game. It's the standard Divinity game. That all fights come down to spreading either water or grease then either freezing it electrifying it or igniting it to make a huge AoE. This is very Divinity and not DnD at all.

11) as I said due to laziness. you can tranverse from any one point to one on the opposite side of the map in less than 3 minutes. That is short attention span laziness and frankly ruins established lore of a world.