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No not at all op but then i never do enjoy anything evil.. To be fair this isn't evil imo its just rude and antagonistic.. Evil people can be just as pleasant as good people before you get to know them..

Some of the choices are definitely evil, I'd say that raiding the Grove is.
But yeah a lot of people are calling characters like Lae'Zel evil and I wouldn't really say that.
She's just a jerk xD...

I feel they all are jerks tbh.. the companions, the tiefs, the druids, the goblins, the animals you speak to.. pretty much every single person you meet is an ahole right from the start.. except maybe the hag.. It just becomes an echo chamber of hate and i as a customer tune out.. Then the game loses me.

Pretty much i meet a new character, "spouts hate at me".. ok not interested in interacting with you anymore.. and this for me continues the whole game so far. Even damn squirrels were hateful.

Gale, Zevlor and Wyll aren't.
I forgot the name of the black Druid in the Grove who has an argument with Kagha but he was cool too and I found the Tieflings to be too.
I didn't find Shadowheart to be hateful towards me either, only when I pushed too much and tried to dig in her past.