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Why could we not have crafting styles? This should please everyone without having to resort to mods. Plans can be found/bought/whatever, add your armour and the plan into the crafting window, now you have something you would like to wear. There could be racial and maybe class styles and other styles to account for sexy or not but everyone should be able to wear any of them.

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Will Minthara have other clothes besides the armor that was in the first act? Although I'm quite happy with this one.

I am surprised you want her wearing anything really. laugh

That's actually a good idea, I only briefly played ESO but I remember it having gear craftable in different cultural styles.

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No, thanks. Keep the realistic armors.
For those who want more sexy outfits, looots of mods will be availible, for sure.
I want my character to be a cleric/mage/ranger/whatever, not a pom pom girl.

More options through vendors would be ok (for rp perspective). But pleaaaase, make them optionals, not mandatory. I hate when the more powerfull mage robe/armor in a game is a display of my character's anatomy and that I have to wear it if I want the good stats XD

Why does only what you want matter tho?
People are asking for more diverse options that's all.

I don't really like typical gear like we have right now, it really does nothing for me especially the robes ( I prefer spellcasters ).
Why should the gear just all revolve around what you want?
I think you can deal with some gear here and there that doesn't suit your taste, just like how I have to deal with it with basically every other gear set.
I don't mind having access to optional transmogs, but at the same time I don't think that all of the gear by default should have to be modesty approved by the nun across the street.

I really wish we could drop this notion of realism too.
If you don't like it then just say it, there's no need to try and justify your dislike for it by arguing about realism. The gear isn't realistic and when we get into things like robes and clothes they're not going to protect you.

Edit: So long as it's in line with the setting of Baldur's Gate ofc.
In which skimpy gear already exists.

It's really a question of realism for me though. A half nude female warrior breaks the immersion for me. Why a warrior/ranger/etc. would wear an armor like that? I might be biased because I am myself a female and I don't see the appeal of this kind of stuff, though (I don't find hyper-sexy women attractives) wink
I admit I am a bit fed up with oversexualized women in video games.

sorry if I don't use the right words, english is not my first langage and I'm a bit rusty.