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So is Larian actually listening to feedback here?


This and The Composer's other post are the best posts in this thread.


I missed this comment and I actually think it's exactly what I wanted to hear. It's a shame we had to whine so much for them to respond

Ironically that tells me that my predictions are somewhat realistic.

Quick lesson in software development: it becomes more and more expensive to fix issues the longer the project is progressing. This doesn't just mean money, it also means time, effort and resources. So if it takes them lets say a month to arrive at the conclusion that "the player base is unhappy with the current implementation of the core mechanics and its for XYZ reasons" development of new encounters, maps, mechanics, balancing you get the idea would have already progressed based on the old assumptions to be true. So if they then decide to change the core mechanics that means a significant rework of essentially everything they have created up until that point and that frankly seems not very realistic within one year.

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