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the tiefs

What thiefs?
(I almost cant believe that there is still something im missing. O_o)

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My problem with the evil option in most games is that it usually requires you to be a mindless sociopath.

Nope ... they dont. laugh
But people usualy do ... bcs they dont see over "darkside metter".

Usualy you see people work like this: "Oh this is Darkside choice, i play Darkside character, therefore i should choose this."
You wouldn't believe how often, when a developer adds dark and light side indicators to a text, people don't even read the options, and just go with indicator.
(Personaly i would love to add few traps in conversations ... Darkside option: Commite a suicide. ... Just for the fun of those who dont read. laugh )

Its totaly usual style of play, and totally possible style of play ...
But no, its not right, and once aggain no, you totally should not do that ...
When you wish to play psychopat character who is cruel and dont miss any chance to harm someone ... you have that option ...
When you wish to play cold and calculative bastard, who allways do what most benefits him ... you have that option ...
When you wish to play neutral bastard, who just dont care about anyone and anything and dont wanna be involved in anything ... well, this one is the real problem, but sometimes you can too laugh
And when you wish to play goldstar who will help anyone anywhere and anytime no matter the cost ... you have that option ...

And you are suppose to read those options and choose wich one suits your character the best ... and that is right way to roleplay. :3

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I liked original spellcasting system more ... frown

Anyway ... i cast Eldritch Blast!