I don't know if video games are for you and instead tabletop allows you to not be impacted by the visuals represented, thus allowing your picture of action in your head satisfying your immersion. Some people like books over movies.

If combat "required" you to have to do something ridiculous like put on 20 hats in order to avoid being knocked out otherwise you are severely punished every round you don't have a hat on...then sure I don't want to be forced to play in a way I disagree with and I would choose a different game.

On the other hand, if a game allowed me to play as a tight rope walking gnome ranger with acrobatics and dropping animal companion squirrels on my targets to do damage....but it would be equally as practical to just use a bow and do the same amount of damage and either way is viable and fun, but up to the user...then what is the issue? Do I have to impose my will on others to ensure they don't fight with squirrels because I don't like that and I think they should only use a bow as a ranger and nothing else?

You don't have to jump, it does not provide any specifically greater advantages but it could be used if you like. Otherwise just hit them from the front or use your mobility to walk to the left or right of the target, or use your spells to blind them and get behind them, or use your allies to be in melee range with you to not require you to move at all. All those things are viable and work just fine.

The way you play the game will not break the immersion I have on my own game.

(to your edit, I was talking about sneak attacks due to the discussion 2 or 3 posts above about how impractical and immersion breaking is with sneak attack and backstabs and people jumping everywhere. Tried to show that you don't' have to jump everywhere to get a sneak attack and those are just one way of gaining advantage to enable the skill to proc extra damage)

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