This whole thread is so hilarious... Please just wait for mods.

Also, I'm sure the developers will put in some sort of "sexy" armor without it being straight up pornographic. And by sexy I mean a few pieces of armor that show off more of your pc's figure either through being a bit more form fitting or having a reasonable balance of skin shown vs. covered. As a female player I don't want to see something like a mage robe with a huge plunging neckline down to my naval just to show off my cleavage out in the open world for no reason. Unless something like that is on a character where it makes at least some sense like a female drow sorcerer in Menzoberranzan, I could do without it.

Although... Larian, if you're reading this, I just want to say that if there's armor made with a boob window for female pcs then there better be a boob window for male pcs as well. That's just equality, babes ;~*