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Staying true to the 5e rules will kill this game. The game is too ambitious for something like this to work.
They can't afford to ignore DoS fans and casuals. Ignoring these players will lead to a sales disaster.
Unlike Solasta, I doubt BG3 will be able to do enough on D&D fans alone.

Currently they are catering more to D:OS fans and casuals than to D&D 5e fans and yes, I see that as a problem. Sure, I can use mods to bring it closer to D&D 5e and that's what I'm doing currently but I shouldn't have to since it is marketed as a D&D 5e game, not as D:OS 3. Sticking more closely to 5e rules won't kill the game, but it will fix a lot of issues.

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Some changes like lowering ac and increasing HP are due to turn-based combat.

No, they are due to "it's not fun to miss" complaints. They should be reverted at least for "classic" or "core rule" difficulty and only exist in lower difficulty settings once they are implemented, since 5e players know that missing quite often is part of low level gameplay and are mostly fine with it.

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I just don't understand people who want more and more annoying mechanics even though such things don't work well in games (or aren't liked).

Because different people have different tastes.