Two things that would hurt literally nobody and would only stand to broaden Larian's audience with BG3 are as follows:

1. The dice-roll minigame when selecting certain dialogue options should be entirely optional. If toggled off in the menu, should be replaced with the same non-intrusive environmental dice roll, with a short sound effect to at least signify your character made a dice roll. Many share the opinion that this minigame is monotonous, mind-numbing, gimmicky and intrusive. Alternatively, there are people who love it. Which is why it should be OPTIONAL. Personally I can't stand it any more and it's lost its novelty after like the first 5 times. And once again, this hurts literally nobody and only gives Larian a chance to gain something - more players, and more engaged and happy players who are less frustrated. Less Save&Exits. More hours invested.

2. The previous issue leads me to this one. Perhaps I just haven't figured out how to do this, but nothing I've tried has worked, even straight up mashing the keyboard... I can't even find a keybind option to set to let me do this - but clicking anywhere on screen during a dialogue cutscene should literally just skip to the next line, with NO time-consuming transition or anything. Plenty of people scum-save, and if I've heard the same dialogue 10 or 15 times already, I don't have any desire to waste any more of my life away being forced to watch it any more. I can't tell you how many times I've just quit playing because I get sick of trying to get through a conversation after a couple of failed dice roll gimmicks that don't align with my playthrough agenda for that character.

The purpose of digitalizing the original saga was to remove some real life aspects of DMing a game that a lot of videogamers find tedious and jarring, both of these included. This is especially the case with players who prefer a single player experience.

I will reiterate that enabling us the OPTION to decide for ourselves whether we want to play the dice roll minigame hurts NOBODY, and only stands to allow Larian to gain. I will also reiterate that it also hurts nobody to let us simply click through redundant dialogue scenes if we wish. To argue against giving us these options makes it obvious you will swallow any pill Larian gives you, and I personally find it distasteful to have spent $60 on an EA that forces things on players that don't affect anybody else but that player should options not be given to avoid them.

I could also go on and on about broken lore, too many European accents (granted Larian is a Euro company but the saga is as American as it gets) but I'll leave it as these two major issues which absolutely need a change.