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You don't seem to get the difference between roleplaying in your head and roleplaying in the game.

There isnt suppose to be any difference ... except the fact that in your head you can answer whatever you wish ... the the game, you need to choose between options that developers give you.
So you roleplay in your head thinking "what would Ragnarok do in this situation" ... and then, when that become clear, you can see the options, and ask in your head another question "wich one of those options is close to that what i was thinking".

Any else attitude, is certainly possible and valit ... just not exactly right. laugh
Then you need to ask some questions like "why would my character choose this" ... and my answer is: Exactly. wink

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the reality of the game is that there are two paths, no more or less.

Sadly nope ... there are at least two outcomes that to be sure, but there is certainly much more paths ...
Lets move to another quote:

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You help the Tieflings and are good or you murder them all and get betrayed / punished because you are bad. Larian themselves even put it that way in their last update. The only other "option" is a failsafe for when absolutely everyone is dead and I'm not sure if that even exists.

If you are right ... you will have no problem to answer me this few questions:

1) I decided to persuade Druids to stop ritual ... my diceroll failed, and i killed them all ... therefore i helped Tieflings ... am i good or evil?
2) I decided to side with Goblins and i killed Halsin, but at gate i reconcider and betrayed them ... therefore i helped Tieflings ... am i good or evil?
3) I decided to steal the holy idol to give it to Tieflings, so they can sold it and pay ressurection for Arabela ... Druids killed Tieflings ... am i good or evil?
4) I decided to persuade Tieflings to escape ... my diceroll failed, and i killed them all ... therefore i didnt help Tieflings, yet i killed Goblins and saved Halsin ... am i good or evil?
5) I decided to not get involved between Druids, Tieflings and Goblins ... i killed Githyanki, stole their artefact and go search for Creche (not implemented yet i know) ... am i good or evil?

Since you tell me that there are only two paths, i bet you will have no problem to decide those situations. smile
Ofc. you can simply admit that there is more. wink

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Unless the "evil" path is rewarding and more nuanced that 75% to 25% statistic is not going to change. It's also not divided further because, again, there are no other paths.

I will not repeat myself, but for now i will quote myself. laugh
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But if you will give it the work, and search some statistics you will find you that most people in Videogames are following the good path.
Its never 50:50 ... usualy it moves between 60-70% for good choices. wink Some examples: here, here, here, here, and here. smile
So on the contrary, this statistic dont show us that evil path is anyhow bad ... it shows us that players are acting exactly as they usualy do, wich kidna prooves that its witen accurately. laugh

That is the problem with statistic i have my whole life (I was educated in this field) ...
People can interpet numbers differently without required context. wink

I liked original spellcasting system more ... frown

Anyway ... i cast Eldritch Blast!