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OP If it makes you feel any better Elves still apparently can't grow facial hair, but Halflings of both sexes can now. So there is that.

Have Fun smile!

First thing I noticed was that facial hair option was not barred for human women... (and it... works... as intended?....)

Just one question tho, did Larian do it because they thought it was funny or was it because of some law in Canada?

Coding in restrictions and checks for specific genders is extra work, you get brownie points with certain peoples, and other peoples can do bearded ladies for a laugh (and dwarves! Bearded female dwarves!) so I'm personally in the "0 f**ks given" camp for that

Female dwarves in FR lore have beards as the norm. Fibbledorf Pwent is always trying to get Cattie-Brie, a human woman who is the adopted daughter of dwarf King Bruenor Battlehammer, to grow "a proper beard".