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PS : Zellin, you're wrong an a little offensive. This is not about "I need to win always" this is about "I want to choose the story I want to live". Maybe some people have the time or the faith to play 33 games before having the outcomes they expected. Not me, not a lot of gamers.
I hope you can respect that and don't reduce it to a whining and childish desir.

No, sorry, but what you're saying is exactly same thing sugar-coated. You're living a story instead of playing (that implies the risk of losing) a game with a story applied to it to drive your motivations. And of course as result in some cases failure is not an option for you, because it doesn't work for your story. You just add slightly more complex motivation to why you want some... artificial(???) wins.
And *sigh* as always in such cases you think people who are playing accepting loses have a lot of time and going to replay the game endlessly. Nope, I'm going to replay the first act through EA many-many times to see the changes and give feedback on them, but after release as with many other games I'll make one walk through, maybe second in coop and then I won't touch the game at least until I forget enough about it (years later with how my memory works).
But guess what? I'm not actually judging you or anyone for "I don't want that failure". I just don't want you people to turn RPG genre into Interactive Movie genre. So as long as you're suggesting just to add an option to re-roll for those who want, I'm fine with you. I'm even willing to give you another option: there can be a difficulty mode with no dialog rolls at all as if you automatically win, some games did it before. But, please, let's not lie to ourselves. There is maybe nothing childish or whiny in willing to have an artificial win, but it's not really a gamer approach and between gamers you will always catch disapproving glimpses, simple as that.

You know where lies issue? In your ability points. You want make for example perfect orator so you put every point in charisma, you make him background where he spend all his file on debates and learning how to inspire people. And when you was old elf you decide to become bard. And now with your charisma on level 18+ you can tell orc that he is not a orc bu a really big dwarf.