you're just stubborn.
You don't even try to understand.
You said "Nope, I'm going to replay the first act through EA many-many times to see the changes and give feedback on them". Well, yeah you obviously have more time than me. and nevertheless, I don't just said people who enjoyed it have a lot of times. I said they may have a lot of time (more than me which is true reading your comments) and they may liked the thrill.

Funny things is, you didn't say you will stop playing cause of no time but just to forget to enjoy it again. Ho lucky you.
Personnaly I know that, even if I would, I couldn't play the EA "many-many" times.

But that's not even the point.
As I said, I respect your opinion and your preferences but you ? You absolutely don't respect mine.

You are, arrognatly, talking about "artificial" win. What does it even mean ?
Artificial ? Please, define what is "natural win" in a roll-dice ?
Do you really think that in life when you say something to somebody there is a dice rolling in his head to decide if it take it favorably or not.

Please, it's just ridiculous.
And more, what is "natural" in a video game ? Is barrelmancy natural ? Or... I don't know... loading game ?
Yeah, maybe you should ask Larian to forbid the reload because it's articificial to reload a game because you are dead.
Look at you, giving some lessons and then I'm pretty sure you reload your game after loosing a fight because... you know... "it doesn't work for your story." See ? I guess you are going to "just add slightly more complex motivation to why you want some... artificial(???) wins." But let's be honest, reloading is the biggest "artificial" option here...

Yeah, this is how ridiculous your argument is.

It's not about "winning" cause, maybe you're not aware, but I'm pretty sure we can "win" the game without succeeded a single roll-dice.
It's about (but I heard you refuse to get it) "playing the adventure I look for".

Again, I respect the people who like the thrill of the roll (it's not like I didn't like it at all but that's not the point here).

I would like for you to do the same with the people who prefer to play the adventure they are looking for.

PS: did you even read my comment ?

You said
"So as long as you're suggesting just to add an option to re-roll for those who want, I'm fine with you."

after I wrote
"And this is why I think Larian should add a button "infinite re-roll" for the gamers like me (and I know, I'm not alone).
So the players who want to live in one roll-dice, keep living with one roll-dice, and the players, like me, who want to live "fully" control and choose the story they live, could reroll"

Looks like this is exactly what I suggest...