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Considering just how many rolls are in the game, and how most of them are just for fluff, it should eventually cause players to stop savescumming as much. Trying to savescum all the rolls will just make the game an unenjoyable nightmare.

The witcher games tried to fight savescumming by not making a lot of consequences for your choices apparent right away. I think Bg3 can do the same with just a massive amount of rolls and by teaching players that a successful roll is not always the best result. There are too few of these cases in the game currently though.

I don't think the witcher one was designed like that to fight savescumming as while the consequence was far from the choice, they were pre-determined. There was no randomness. It's very much an interactive movie, people just had to look online to know what would happen to control the narrative and the game is very:
- Press A for good consequence
- Press B for bad consequence

There is already quite a bit of troll encounters in the game, especially for people ignorant of the Forgotten Realms lore, where the "good" choice (i.e. people live) is probably the terrible options for a good aligned character long term.