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TLDR: THERE IS A REASON YOU SEE SO MANY 5e PLAYERS WHO DIDNT WANT DIVINITY 3. It is not an assumed expectation it is a reaction from their words and what was presented and promised. So instead of telling people to tone down their feedback and be happy with what was given. How about you let the consumer who was sold a product advertised this way to voice feedback (AS LARIAN REQUESTED.)

What more needs to be said? What more do I have to show the new recruits? You guys didnt wait... you just heard there was a new DIVINITY 3. The rest of us were told there was a new BALDURS GATE and it was using 5e ruleset with a 4.0 divinity engine.

So now that we are caught up... lets get this thing back on track to the original goal larian had before all the homebrew mechanics for GOOFY FUN.

IMHO if you want people to take your comments seriously, don't repeatedly mention "Divinity 3" in the OP. It's been done to death and at best results in an echo chamber.

IMHO if you see people mentioning "Divinity 3" a lot there might be a reason for it. So what you should actually do is look at what is causing this as it seems to be a problem for a lot of people instead of trying to hide the problem. This game does feel like a Divinity 3. DOS3 with a mangled poorly implemented 5e with a whole lot of creative freedom for *goofy fun* that completely breaks the game. That's what the game is at the moment. Calling it Baldur's Gate 3 is just false advertisement at this point.

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Did Larian lie? not really, even in OP's links, they never said it'd be 1 to 1 conversion. In fact they said that'd be impossible. They'd get it close as they could. Expect more changes for better or worse as the EA goes on

Yes, they did. "We ported it as faithfully as we could." What? They had technical issues that didn't allow them to code Fire Bolt without leaving a surface? Was there some kind of technical limitation to the language they use to program the game that doesn't allow goblins to have higher AC and lower HP? Did the computer say NO to the poor developer when he wanted to separate disengage from jump? Those poor developers. They did try to make it as close AS THEY COULD but their hands were just tied...

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By calling the game DOS:3 as a form of insult you are being malicious and disingenuous in feedback.

No, it's actually quite accurate and useful feedback. Granted that people saying "Go play Solasta instead" isn't very productive in this forum but I do get where they're coming from.

Someone gave a very reasonable analogy here already using onions and tomatos. I for one loved Divinity OS 2. I would love for a Divinity OS 3 to come out some time in the future. But if I'm told that a Baldur's Gate 3 is coming, that it will be a faithful adaptation of the tabletop’s fifth edition rules ported as faithfully as possible... Well then Larian must also understand that my expectations are in that regard.
People here are saying to give it time and not give up on the game yet. I appreciate this mindset and hope but honestly it really feels like the game has been steered way too deep in the wrong direction at this point to be able to save.
To the others that keep saying "state your reasons and give accurate feedback for what's wrong etc." well, there are countless threads already full of feedback from the players in that regard. I have also given that feedback before in the right place, doesn't mean everyone is gonna keep copy pasting theirs every time they reply to a post.