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Considering just how many rolls are in the game, and how most of them are just for fluff, it should eventually cause players to stop savescumming as much. Trying to savescum all the rolls will just make the game an unenjoyable nightmare.

The witcher games tried to fight savescumming by not making a lot of consequences for your choices apparent right away. I think Bg3 can do the same with just a massive amount of rolls and by teaching players that a successful roll is not always the best result. There are too few of these cases in the game currently though.

Permadeath mode with only 1 save and if it includes autosaves as soon as a roll happens... It will be absolutely amazing.

But yeah, definitely do not remove conversation rolls just because many players cannot handle a negative response from an npc instead of a positive one.

Witcher 3 made the correct choice to even make so called Positive choices turn out to be bad down the line, or at least questionable. Save the woman at the healer's hut with a Witcher Potion, hurray she lives... later on in game, find boyfriend who tells you she is brain damaged... urgh, screw you W3, but I love it.

If you make every Succeed vs Fail black and white, people Save Scum, because missing out feels like a punishment over which you had little to no control. Hurray I only need a 3+ to succeed, proceeds to roll a 2. Boom, you feel punished despite being good at something. Now I don't mind it, but I would prefer more nuance to failure and even success and to only see some of those decisions and rolls come to full fruition later on in the game.

In a previous over simplified example I gave about acquiring a sword, you could add to that and try for a charisma check, fail and then STILL have the option to auto succeed at acquiring through intimidation, the game allows you to suceed even in the face of failure, but now, later on the person you intimidated appears again and now you have to deal with the fallout of your previous decision.

Now it might be true that currently there are too few examples in the EA which feel as though failure is interesting, but as far as I see it, those are for us to highlight and recommend improvements (maybe we just havent seen the future results of a failed roll of course), rather than say something is shit and only have as retort that the idea should be scrapped.