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the tiefling party happened" and "the goblin party happened"

Those are outcomes ... not paths. -_-
But maybe its my fault ... maybe i wasnt illustrative enough ...

Lets see some images:

Now ... this one suits best to our situation here:
(yes im too lazy to create my own)
[Linked Image]
A: Is protagonist fiding out about tadpole, deciding that s/he need healer.
B-F: Making a decision ... w/e.
G: Goblin party.
H: Tiefling party.

Everything in between is called a "path" ...

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I play a pragmatic evil character that saw Halsin as my best bet as a cure and thought the Absolute was probably a sham, so I helped the Tieflings. This makes be good because "the tiefling party happened" checkbox is marked in my playthrough.

And you honestly dont see that contradiction? o_O

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Whatever else I tell myself or even what I do besides the Tiefling / Goblin choice does not matter.

Honestly, this is sadest thing i seen in some while. frown
If you really believe this, i hope your feedback will be ignored by Larian, since you clearly dont understand the words "good path" and "evil path" ... or maybe just the word "path" at all. frown

I liked original spellcasting system more ... frown

Anyway ... i cast Eldritch Blast!