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I honestly give up ... you are not even trying. -_-

You're putting in the effort, hats off...

However, the issue for me (other than what I have already contributed), is that the Druids don't realllly feel like a "good" option, given that when you meet them they are trying to selfishly hide themselves from harm and boot out the Tieflings. So other than wanting to find Halsin for my own selfish purposes; I am not immediately inclined to help them. If I am evil, I likely don't care.

The Tieflings need help, sure, so if I am good I need to solve the Goblin issue OR sort the Druids issue (can one do that without killing the Goblins?). If I want to play a bad character, I am likely not interested in their plight as they other than being a burden they don't have a lot to offer me, again, evil doesn't mean I want to kill them, but they aren't offering me an incentive to help, such as stop/kill the druids and they will help me with MY issue, because being Evil my needs are more important to me that anyone elses.

The Goblins betray you and Auntie Ethel can't help, so what is my play here? Evil does not equal mass murderer by default and being satisfied. Now killing everyone might be the solution to a problem, but only if it advances me towards my goals. Now if Mynthara wants to betray the goblins now that I and my companions have embraced the power of the manipulated tadpole and she offers me up a path to godhood or a form of power, yeah ok, but no one is selling me this, not at first glance at any rate. Again, the dreams seem massively untrustworthy given the character creation process of choosing your potential mate at first reeks of tadpole manipulating you.

Were the companions of a certain power pursuasion more open with their opinions the tadpole situation could be exploited because clearly something here is different, then maybe I explore it. Maybe I missed it, maybe it's just an issue of Act1 wanting to be vague, but IF Larian want to know why we are being good it isn't as far as I am concerned because Good is my default playstyle, it's because Evil isn't seductively whispering in my ear.

We are perhaps in danger of going round in cirlces, but if RagnarokCzD is the only one able to fight the good fight for the cause of Evil, then it suggests to me more that there is an issue in the presentation of Evil and its choices in game.

I am also willing to accept that having only played 35hrs or so and not actively TRYING to be evil (or to be good per say) that I might simply have not paid enough attention to the Evil route, but to me that highlights that again, Evil isn't an attractive option vs the so called good side.