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Excellent list.

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Now make one for how its like BG 1/2 and then a third one of what they need to change laugh

I think it would be much more useful to state the differences between BG3 and D&D 5e since it's actually something that can be aimed at Larian since they stated that BG3 would be a faithful adaptation of D&D 5e but never really said it would be a BG1/2 clone. On that note I would love it to be not only faithful to 5e but also take into account the overall atmosphere and choices that were made in the original BGs. Instead we have a colourful candy land world narrated by what seems like a porn actress and horrible writing where everyone wants to sex CHARNAME. Mostly looks like the game is targeted to edgy pre-teens.

Which choices? What if the choices they choose to run with run counter to what you chose? Then there's the whole "It's Act I" thing. I have yet to play any video game that laid out it's entire narrative that fast. That's akin to "why didn't we have to "take back Earth" in Mass Effect 1" to me.