+1 for Larian to at least consider adding some kind of day/night cycle.
For me it's more of a world building / immersion issue. It just feels stupid that everything is the same all the time, it's like as if the world is a theme park run by robots instead of being populated with what should be credible npc inhabitants that close their shops by night and either go sleep or get a drink in a tavern.

If they would add some kind of narrative reason for act1 to take place in eternal sunny afternoon I could live with it, but as it stands now it literally makes no sense to me.
It might make sense for a very good oriented party - as the day allows them to avoid certain light-averse creatures, but it certainly makes absolute no sense for a vampire spawn and priestess of Shar. It makes the whole 'evil' (or even 'unlawful' ) route unsatisfying. I'm especially worried for how this permanent noontime stuff will impact other area's and notably the city of BG or other larger settlements which imo will feel very static, artificial and forced because of the absence of day/night cycle also meaning there will be no 'activity' cycle, meaning the city wont be 'alive' but rather frozen in time at 12pm.

I am also unable to understand how WoTC agreed to this as the day/night , bad/good, dark/light thing seems a central idea of their world-building and it seems super weird to simply drop such an important element of what makes a world immersive and realistic. It feels ridiculous that Astarion and Shadowheart (it's even in her name ffs) would nicely go to bed once it gets dark. Especially considering the supposed urgency of the tadpole thingy and the fact that the act1 map is in fact very unsafe for travelers given the conflict with the goblins, it would make A LOT of narrative sense to simply travel during the night...

As it is now, I feel like having to watch Lord of the Rings, but instead of Frodo and Sam traveling trough Mordor, they are actually on the teletubbies while pretending to be in Mordor.

Only thing that gives me some hope is that I believe people at Larian are aware of this and maybe even willing to do something about it given day/night cycle was one of their DO goals that didn't make it. Given the record sales BG3 made in EA alone I really hope they address this as it's a bit of an embarrassment not being able to deliver on a feature which a) already existed in the 20 year old prequels and b) is an undeniable aspect of any modern game that has a world exploration aspect to it (RDRD2 , Assassins creed series, kingdom come, etc).

Please, also don't see this as a bad spirited critique, I love the game, I realize it's Larian's child and in the end it's up to them, I just wanted to emphasize the importance of the issue for me.

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