I wrote it the way you like. I suspect you like it because it allows you to drown us in pointless examples that don't prove anything but have it your way.
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Yes, you get there either with quest to kill goblins, with promissed rewards wich you were warn about it "will not be much".
Or, you simply get there without the quest, since you dont need to care about Tieflings, nor Druids ... but even then you do allready know that they present potential threat for groove.

you didn't really refute anything I wrote here so I don't understand why you wrote it at all. Perhaps to highlight the option to ignore the grove even after the cutscene and battle and go straight to the goblin camp, an option that although possible, right now sort of breaks the game since clearly, you are not supposed to do it. I wrote about it before. here is a quote:
in my who knows which playthrough of the game (I had many) I went for a crazy mage build with 8 int when my goal was to get the circlet that gives you 18 int as soon as possible. I tried to avoid the grove gate fight and head straight to the ogres but couldn't avoid the fight. After the fight, instead of going into the grove I moved on to fight the ogres and came back afterwards. But sadly it seems I successfully broke the game (again). When I entered the grove Zavlor was standing in the entrance alone and there was no way to interact with him.

True ... there is not much in goblin camp ...
Unless you count temple inside, that will pretty much double it.

I'm not sure whether you are just clueless or playing clueless. When I wrote "goblin camp" I meant it in the most extensive way possible, temple included.

Still it may not seem like much, but since goblins just infest abandonned places, than build anything own ... it seem understandable to me.
On the other hand, in groove isnt so much more ... i mean there probably is more things, but not like double, or triple. :-/

Im not sure what do you mean with that vacuum ... like they all are selfish? Ofc they are, they are goblins. laugh

This something I'll probably come back to, but "like they all are selfish? Ofc they are, they are goblins" is utterly and completely head cannon. and again, I'm not sure whether you deliberately take something I say and use it to say something else completely, but you did here as well. I wrote, "Each goblin "leader" has a totally different side quest for you, each of them feels as though it exists in a vacuum, and most of them don't really progress the main story." this is not an argument about characterization, it's an argument about story structure and character interaction. Vacuum means that every goblin leader quest exists completely on its own, with no regard to the others. the fact that the goblin leaders don't act like there are other goblin leaders doesn't make them look selfish, it makes them look like they are not aware they exist.
Well ... if main story is geting rid of tadpole, there really are just Minthara, and Gut ... aggain, simmilar to groove, where is only Halsin(potentialy) and Nettie.

this is a head cannon. nothing in the game directly points to what you say here.

IMHO Minthara is more like "go kill the people in the grove, because that is the only possible reason you are here" ... all she know about you is the fact that you are true soul, and one can understand that someone like her would presume that you two will not talk, if you were there to kill her ...

another great head cannon. I only wish she would say it. and even if it's true, how does it make the evil path well written?
Also i was there so far talking to her only with Sazza ... Sazza is talking about posibility of attack, and you have no objection, so that is another reason to presume you are there to join the attack.

not sure what you're talking about here sorry.
Why create leaders ... who do you mean?
Goblin leaders that Halsin want you to kill? Probably bcs quest "go and kill five completely random goblin" will be quite stupid. laugh

It's a stupid reason. "go kill one leader" isn't so different than "go kill three". If you don't have a reason for a character to exist, don't create it.
Or do you mean Zevlor, Halsin, and Kagha? ... I gues for same reason as Minthara, Dror Ragzlin, and Gut.

This is not a topic about the "good path". there are problems there as well, sure, it doesn't prove anything about the evil path.
I gues if you dont specificly do what are you specificly told not to do ... at last one of leaders from each side should be alive, more like 2. And i gues every one of them will have some story in future, wich will depend on wich one of them survived.

nice speculation. no proof whatsoever and doesn't help your claim at all. I judge what's in the game.
And second question ... you ask why would any character join Minthara.
I hope reasons for mine chaotic evil Drow will surfice:
1) Its a Drow, i know that this race isnt known for some racial loayality, but still my character is closer to her, than some surfacedwellers.
2) Why not? My character dont care about litteraly anyone in that groove, and raid with goblin army sounds like fun.
3) Multiple persons from groove did repeatly insult my character for being a Drow ... it may not seem like much, but those simple reveges warms her cold heart.
4) Minthara is servant of the Absolute, wich as it seems control mine tadpole ... so my chances with someone who allready have control over my parasite seem biger, than with someone who may study some parasite for some limited time.
5) There is Cult that worships Absolute, wich potentialy promises power.
6) Absolute promises better life for Goblins, Hopgoblins, Ogres, Duegars, Drow, etc. ... ofc. my character probably see "better life" differently than that goblin, that tells her about it, but that is nothing she will care about.
7) Every treasure, every valuable, and every artefact i found in groove will be mine.
8) Bcs screw druids, that is why. :P laugh
9) And finaly and maybe most important ... its evil. >:]

Hope this form of answer will be more "readable" for you, dont get used to it ... i dont do that often, i writen it all as usualy, and then just deleted your quotes, i simply cant write anyhow else, since then i loose myself in it. laugh

all of these reasons (other than 8-9, which are just, sorry, kind of lame excuses, and 7, which has nothing to do with the story) are head cannon, speculations, or irrelevant. . nothing in the game. you basically confirmed the main point which is - evil path is for murder hobos who don't care about story (but apparently have quite the imagination).

Larian's Biggest Oversight, what to do about it, and My personal review of BG3 EA
"74.85% of you stood with the Tieflings, and 25.15% of you sided with Minthara. Good outweighs evil, it seems."