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I think no one really argue about Larian's content. Their mechanics are great and I guess all those that bought BG3's EA were enthousiast.
The actual problem and why so many people complain is that because their mecanics aren't integrated in D&D but D&D is integrated in their mechanics...

Just to give 1 or 2 exemples :
They solve the "you miss a lot in the tabletop" decreasing the AC and increasing the ennemi's HP. On the paper, it work and it's still balanced. In game, it leads to many boring and even slower combats. "Powerfull low level" spells / skills can't OS a single goblin and many of them are become useless (sleep).
You're hit chance is better, but the combat's aren't faster , many D&D possibilites are now useless and the combats are less tactical than they should be.
The only positive thing about all this is that the player see 75% instead of 50%...

They also add verticality, which is awesome but the way they did it is bad because verticality is actually not an option.
It's the same about backstab and jump/disengage. A consequences is that playing melee character actually really suck.

All their stuff are really really cool but not that way. In the end, they don't give lots of system to players, the entire game become the systems....

Adjusting some spells isn't a big deal. Some spells have already been modified like a sleep.
Now it has consistently 33 hp(maybe), which is not far from the maximum possible throw. It can always be increased if necessary.

A lot of things need to be improved, but I have the impression that some people on this forum criticize every slightest deviation from the
rules without considering whether the game will actually be better without any changes.
I would prefer it not to be the only big dnd game in the next decade, so if they have to change something for the game to sell better, they better do it.