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What's the point of armor looking realistic when combat is not realistic?

Immersion. And also people fed up with oversexualization(particularly of women but not solely) in not only video games but pretty much any kind of media that exists. In song lyrics, in photographs, in movies and in video games. Fact is, game developers have been much slower in tuning that down compared to other media formats which has been debated over years why that is. Because it's the youngest media format? Because it's a business still mostly dominated by males? Because it's the last bastion in modern society where guys expect to be allowed to be guys and giggle over seeing some boobies, even if they are animated? I don't know. But I think its time for developers to stand up and embrace the female population of players and tell them, we do not see you, your gender or your bodies as sex objects. So I love that larian has kept the cloths and armor a bit more realistic. Now, I know that there ofc are women that would like skimpy clothing on their characters as well. But that should be a choice, not being forced upon them in the majority of video games. And nudity is more than welcome, if it is presented in the right context. I feel that Larian gets that. and so do more developers each day. And that's good smile

Bad combat breaks immersion just as fast as half naked gears.. Just saying.