Yeah I have to say this one grated a little with me as well.

If I am a Chaotic Good kinda guy, I might take exception to not being able to try and intervene here, I mean I can see it going South a mile away and I would expect particular companions to react accordingly. Maybe Gale feels that a well timed firebolt could solve the snake problem and he makes a move (narrated), and if I let him, that leads us into an escalating situation that I either try to diffuse or allow, or simply fail to stop but in a different manner to before. Heck maybe even the child dies as a result of my interference. Or I stop Gale because I am not a good guy and don't want to get involved.

But if you are going to show me something with my character standing right there, then unless I am tied up or whatever, I see no reason not to be able to try and get involved. Maybe add a timed dicision here so I don't have long to ponder.