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You are ALL missing the point.

It's not that 'failure is interesting' or not. It may well be.

It's that I'm willing to guarantee to you that if larian did a check in their analytics, they would find that almost everyone savescums almost all the time, specifically in skill checks.
That, then, would mean the system is a failure, regardless of what you think about it personally.

Now, I might be wrong, but I'm so sure I'm not, I'm guaranteeing it here.
Also note larian put out a message telling people to "please accept failure please", showing this may be the case.

What are you basing your "almost everyone" on? Posts on the forums? The game's sold over a million copies, how many of those players have responded to whatever survey you're citing, but not providing, are you counting as "almost everyone"? I know I certainly never saw this survey. In the example that's being tossed around currently, I have 2 successes, and one fail, with no save scumming. I'd be extremely surprised to find that I'm the only one that isn't save scumming there, or anywhere else. My reloads have been a direct result of party wipes, which can be attributed to bad rolls, or good rolls if you're in the party of NPCs that wiped me...

Totally with you on this!

I didn't Save Scum once due to a bad roll, ah actually tell a lie, once when I had passed a particul test, game glitched and I had to re-do that sequence. Failed watched what happened and then reloaded again to get my original result to continue where I should have been and I say this as someone who is totally partial to a bit of save scumming now and again.

The system is in no way a failure, what it is is perhaps lacking nuance in select areas. I also personally feel it would help if my character was voiced (as the Origin characters will be in these situations) so that it feels like an interaction rather than just a die roll result.