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The rest is of course from my head ... and you will know that even before you asked if you read at last one sentence i ever writed here whole. -_-

I try to simplify it for you:
Larian job = make options.
Player job = choose.

You know this debate is remind me one of (few i admit that) DnD session i was in ...
GM had enough of one player who still demanded better motivations ... and then he just decide that we all goes on adventure, except this asshole who live rest of his miserable life in his dirty, muddy house, bcs he was "not motivated enough" to move his lazy ass and go out.

Its quite simple rule: If you cant find reason why your character should do something ... you probably should choose different option. But if you really need me to tell you this, there is something horribly wrong. :-/

Larian's options suck
Hence this thread and EA.

Larian has asked for feedback, especially for Evil story path.
Hence why this thread exists.

Also that little story of yours just goes to show you had a bad GM and dare I say it?
You were a bad player that I have no interest playing with

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