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Missing out additional info, as a history check fails and maybe later coming to a wrong assumption is completely different from such hard-checks as "kid dies because surprise skill check in the middle of a conversation".
A hard-check in a surprise situation, okay, but several of the checks here seem just to be there to enforce reloading.

That is another critical point. In D&D you always know that "phew, ok...gonna go talk to that druid. Can someone cast guidance on me? Druid player, can I get enhance ability on Charisma? Oh, I cast disguise self on me to make myself look like a wood-elf. Here goes nothing!"

NOW you can mess with rolls being important. Players know, will prep, will get info, use spells, all of that before going in and talking to an important NPC. If I narrated them walking into a tense situation with the King of All Lands and God and Satan and they saw it from 100 feet and cut them off as they began to whisper plans on what to do and said "So, you continue walking the 100 feet up to them. They immediately notice you. What do you say". Lol, wow that is fucking them. That is exactly what they do with cut scenes over and over for this stuff.

Hey, there's a perfect game for ya'll: Assassin's Creed 2. I was supposed to run around and gather all these feathers, and I didn't have time for that stuff, so I didn't. When I played Brotherhood? It said I did.

As to pass/fail on difficult persuasion checks? Here's a thought, let's test out how "automatic success rolls" really works. Switch off you PC, and head to the nearest luxury car lot in your area. Link us the video where you passed the persuade check to give you their most expensive car for free. Hyperbole aside, there should absolutely be dialog skill checks, and not just "history". That's why we have dialog skills with set values that we can change accordingly. We can buff it, we can increase it through stat increases, although that will be more apparent later, as we gain levels beyond level 4. Why bother with it if we're just going to sweep it under the rug because someone may not like a fail state?