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To be honest from what i've seen and read of others doing evil playthroughs half the evil outcomes don't even work or fizzle out to nothing.. You kill the druids and the tieflings then what? become master mindflayer or boss goblin leader.. nope.. nothing most totally evil endings seems to bug the game out..

Are you aware that you are evaluating the "end result" after the first third of the story?

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I think the problem of the evil path could be summed up with the Underdark Mushroom things vs the dwarves vs the exiled mushroom king.

In this one zone if I enter as "good"/peaceful I will meet the Society of Brilliance or whatever they are called.
Really cool interactions there! Even with a peaceful mindflayer.
They send me off on a quest and the reward is more illithid power.

There is also a deepgnome who is hurt who will give me a quest to save some slaves.
If I cure her poison I can have her pay me to free her brethren or I could just help her from the goodness of my heart.
Regardless as a player I just had a fun interaction.

There is also a dwarf lady looking for an employee, she works at Baldur's gate and needs me to find her man... which has some back story too that I felt were left unsaid. She promptly prepares leaves to Baldur's gate if I help her.

Then there is the Duegar threat and a very mad mushroom king wants me to help him get revenge.

So Evil Option 1) I side with the duegar and kill all these characters. I have to kill insane amounts of enemies equipped with poisons. Lose all these potential storylines for.... what? Some level 3-4 loot?

In that moment. Without knowing anything besides those as a player it seems such a destructive act to side with the duegar.
Its similar to killing my Origin characters. Like... I can do it but why?
So siding with the Duegar is a no go.
Not as a player because I am making the narrative of the game worse by killing all these little storylines.
Not as a pragmatic morally challenged character because all these dumb dwarves are looking for is an escaped slave and treat me like a wayward employee. And I have to help them... because absolute is bae?
Um... no? Why should I? Besides... she escaped you buddy, your slave, your problem.

This is just perfect example of dementation.
(Its not an insult, i just cant find more fitting word in this language ... In my language, this word means to set the initial attributes so that any observer of the phenomenon cannot in any case have a different result than desired one.)

You say you don't take into account anything that's not in the game yet ...

On the other hand, you are talking about:
- Society of Brilliance, where do you get what ... one vendor and one side quest that can be done and get all his rewards anyway?
- About the deepgnome lady who gives you the task of rescuing slaves ... which is not in the game yet.
And as for interacting with her, as in the previous case, there is nothing stoping you from doing so too.
- You're talking about a dwarf lady who, like the two previous cases, offers no job now, since its not implemented yet, only gives you the task of finding her husband. And she won't offer you (and I don't think she's going to give you, if I'm not mistaken) any reward.
Everything else falls into the category "not yet in play".

So no, your rewards are not "just 3-4 loot". wink

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Evil Option 2) kill the Duegar and side with the exiled king.
Kill all the storylines happening just like the Duegar option but this time its even harder! I am already getting rewards.
This guy has literally nothing.
He is a refugee.
What could he possibly give me? Why should I waste my time?

So again SEEMINGLY I am killing off very interesting characters for virtually nothing besides I want to badthings because I am just so darn evil.
Thats not interesting to me.
I am being inconveniences, my loot is the same, i dont need more gold. I already have like 9000 gold.
And I am killing important characters that apparently have some storylines to offer me.

Playing evil seems to give me a poorer experience as a player.
And before someone tells me "well you don't know if the evil gameplay wont become interesting later" yes... well it might idk but I have to make my decisions based on Act 1 and the things I see in it.
And so far its very barebones.

The same ... you only loose anything if you are stupid enough to engage fight before you get your rewards ...
That is not misstake of game, its yours. :-/

Exiled mushroom will promise you some reward ... i dont quite remember wich, but i know there was some option like "whats in it for me" and he did have some response, i just dont remember what. laugh

This is also quite good example of dementing something ...
First you ask what is reward ... and then, with the same breath you declare that you dont even care about reward, since you allready have enough anyway. laugh
What exactly is your point here? That you dont wanna do it no matter everything? Then just dont! Nobody need you to do "evil things", its your session ... play it however you like ffs. laugh

I liked original spellcasting system more ... frown

Anyway ... i cast Eldritch Blast!