The Bottle Of Save States

Those who have a played a retro video game on an emulator will be familiar with the concept of save states. This is a feature that allows the emulator to save your progress outside the boundaries of the game.

A magic item exists in the world of Dungeons & Dragons that acts in a similar manner to the save state feature. It is the thought bottle, which debuted in the Complete Arcane.

The thought bottle is sort of like the Pensieve from Harry Potter, in that it allows the player to store their experiences inside the device.

This allows the player to store their experience points total for the cost of five-hundred experience points.

Once the player has stored their experiences inside the thought bottle, then they can spend their experience points on creating magic items and for using the effects of spells like permanency.

They can then restore all of those lost points by using the thought bottle.

people have created many "save game spells" too

but with a "story mode" the game would succeeded on each rolls

where with a "hardcore mode" the game save when you exit and that's it. but people do use alt+f4 to close the game so it does not save and you can try to roll again.

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