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Where is the Alfira of the goblin path?
Volo? Whether I am good or not I can always get him but the only way to interact with Alfira is help the Tieflings.

I guess you could argue that I could join the Tieflings and see all these things only to betray and kill them. I mean Alfira says she is going to this famous Bard's Inn in Baldur's Gate. But if I kill her then her storyline is over...

If I was evil I wouldn't murder her for the lolz.
I would just enslave her and have her sing for me for free... seems more practical to do that imo.

It's worse than that.

They actually thought of this. Volo is re-imprisoned by the Goblins and never seen again after those betray you. Another Goblin brings you Alfira's broken lute and comments something about finishing the job in relation to her tutor, so she dies horribly because of your actions. Shadowheart is another example, her romance path is locked because she drinks herself into a stupor to forget all the horrible things you did. This is all very, very punishing.