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I played the EA not necessarily from an evil or good perspective-- more of a 'what is best for my character in this instance' -- and it worked out great, have 0 complaints.

Yeah me too which is why perhaps I missed a truer path towards playing the Evil side.

Though there seems to be (understandably) a difference of opionion as to what Evil actually means.

I would have to be off the charts bat shit crazy to want EVERYONE dead, so for me this just doesn't work in any kind of meaningful scenario. But I think actually enough people in here agree that at least at the start of the game the concept of an evil playthrough doesn't really present itself.

1 - Unless a character willingly WANTS to turn into a Mindflayer, our immediate and ONLY purpose is to resolve the tadpole issue and being Evil we are willing to do whatever it takes.

2 - Agree that depending on your particular flavour of Evil that may or may not include taking particular companions along, and disposing of the others in any means you feel comfortable with in order to further drive your current agenda.

3 - Agree also that the Druids are Neutral themselves and true neutrality is a little tricky to pull off, so it's not surprising that they feel more Good leaning as a whole, or at least in so far as IF I was playing Good I would at least look to sort the issues out.

4 - Regarding what I know vs Character... Well I do know it and I know as a character even enough come the end credits of EA to say that choosing Evil feels unfulfilling and even darn right un-rewarding. Specifically on the Tadpole though, no I don't know but the information fed to me until someone tells me otherwise (happened to be Halsin for me) was that I was in danger of becoming a Mindflayer, so anything dream wise or power wise coming from the Mindflayer I am going to inherently distrust. Now Sure, a power craving being might well take the risk, but the flavour of what is Evil argument works both ways. No way I am letting myself be controlled.

As far as I am concerned it doesn't matter though as all discussion here is hopefully fruitful for the Larian Devs who can themselves decide what to do with it.

I stand firmly in the camp of I could see a form of Evil working here, but given the various forms of what it means to be Evil, there isn't currently enough here to entice MY form of Evil. Though that playing Drow, killing the Grove and having sex amongst the destruction wasn't too shabby an example, just seems too much of a hassle.

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