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Larian's options suck
Hence this thread and EA.

Clearly not to everyone. smile
I allready told you, multiple times even ... its ok to agree on disagree ... we can have different opinions, its not a crime (at last not here, dunno where you are from).

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Larian has asked for feedback, especially for Evil story path.
Hence why this thread exists.

And we all (yes, that means me included) are providing it. smile

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Also that little story of yours just goes to show you had a bad GM and dare I say it?
You were a bad player that I have no interest playing with

I dont think you are right, since you dont know even aˇ10% part of story ... but hey, if you want to condemn a person you don't know for something you don't really know about, I won't stop you. smile
As for mine qualities ... i will not judge that, since that is more like up to others ... no one ever complained tho. O_o
And i bet that the fact you dont want to play with me i shall survive somehow. smile

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emoji's and ...

I like emoji ... dont you? They can help to add tone to the text. wink

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The problem is there is only an incentive -in the game- to take the evil path with the goblins if you're chaotic evil, evil for evil's sake aka chaotic stupid.

Chaotic evil is usualy as stupid as chaotic good ... i cant help the feeling that it have something to do with that chaotic part.

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There is no incentive to play a smart lawful evil -in the game-.

Correct me if im wrong, but should not smart evil try to not being recognized as evil? O_o

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You seem quite happy with the way things are

Quite, yes.

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and when things don't fit story wise you're fine with thinking of convoluted ways and bending over backwards in your mind about how to motivate yourself to continue to play evil.

Well ...
No, I'd say this is not the case.
I'm quite taken aback by where you actually get the idea that a person who repeatedly and directly admits that he thinks before choosing which option would suit his character the most, thinks back how else it could be used to justify the option he likes best. .
That sounds like the complete opposite to me.

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Might I suggest it's because you're playing chaotic evil?

Yes, I did, in one case ... as I repeatedly admitted.
So i gues there is no need to suggestin anything. O_o

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I can't see how else you are the only one in this thread thinking the evil path is fine the way it is.

In that case, you probably didn't read it very carefully.
I'm not saying that there are crowds of us ... rather (as I said before) it's more of a stubborn fight with five people on one side and five to ten on the other.

I liked original spellcasting system more ... frown

Anyway ... i cast Eldritch Blast!